Integrating SDGs into sustainability reporting

Transparency is fast becoming the new paradigm for conducting business. Transparency underlies Target 12.6 of the SDGs, to encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices and integrate sustainability information into their reporting. Through better reporting, organizations can understand, communicate, and better manage their contributions to the SDGs. 

Visit our Resource center to download our essential tools for integrating the SDGs into your reporting. 

Essential tools for integrating the SDGs into your reporting include (Download below from the ‘Relevant documents’ section): 

  • Analysis of the goals and targets

A handbook of indicators to make reporting on the SDGs straightforward and simple to execute. Translations are also available in Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Bahasa.

Collaborators: UNGCPWC

Funded by: SIDA 

  • Integrating the SDGs into corporate reporting: A practical guide 

    A three-step guide to embed the SDGs in existing business and reporting processes.  Translations are available in Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Bahasa, Turkish and Thai.

    Collaborators: UNGCSHIFTPWC

    Funded by: SIDA
  • Mapping the SDGs against the GRI Standards A linkage document to show which GRI Standards you can use to report on specific SDGs.

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