22-23 December 2021Plantation Governance Policy Dialogue to Increase Credibility and Acceptance of Indonesian Palm Oil in The International market
25 Sept 2021Management of Agricultural Products from The yard and Processing of Derivative Products into Aloe Candy and Crystal Guava Puree
25 Sept 2021Indonesian Ornamental Fish Squirm for The World
18 Sept 2021Webinar Training of Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Scale Business in The Pandemic era
07 Sept 2021Sharing and Discussion on Agroecotourism
28 Aug 2021Realizing Social Forestry as A Community Economic Driver Through A Transdisciplinary Approach/
16 Aug 2021Gender Mainstreaming in Peat-Care Independent Villages
16 Aug 2021Complete Discourse Environmental Approval
14 Aug 2021Implementation of 3R [Reuse Reduce Recycle] in B3 and Non B3 Waste Management Reporting/
July 2021Social Forestry Specialization Program
31 Jul 2021Rearrangement of Business Permits for Forests Utilization with Environmental Approval
28 Jul 2021Forests Zone Determination Legal and Legitimate
22 Jul 2021Webinar Serial Challenges and Opportunities of Geopolitics Role Toward Indonesia 2045
17 Jul 2021Training of Risk Assessment of Occupational Health and Safety
17 Jul 2021Webinar Training on Vertical Garden and Potted Plants for Increasing Carrying Capacity of Agroedutourism
15 Jul 2021Cherish Partnership During Pandemic to Achieve SDGs
15 Jul 2021The Concept and Approach of Creating Shared Value in Implementing The CSR in Upstream of Oil and Gas operation
14 Jul 2021PP No 23 2021 Impacts on Sustainable Forest
14 Jul 2021UGM Talk Show The Future of Indonesia forest
10 Jul 2021IPB University Alumnae Contribution in The Mining from Reclamation to Environmental and Social Management
10 – 11 Jul 2021Geo software Online Workshop
10 Jul 2021Forum of Indonesia Sustainability
09 Jul 2021Circular Economy Business and Environmental Sustainability Solutions/
07 Jul 2021Blue Carbon Management Strategy in Indonesia
06 Jul 2021Village Corner Forum
06 Jul 2021Halal Certification Sharing Dissemination
03 Jul 2021Management of Remnants
28 Jun 2021Webinar Series: Forestry Sector
10- 12 June 2021National Forestry Standard Training
07 June 2021Solid Waste Management and River Utilization Strategies around Settlements
20 Apr 2021Introductory Webinar for Southeast Asia Companies on Science-based Targets for Nature
20 May 2021Role of Science in Supporting Policymaking



Call for Proposal Local Champion Empowerment on Non State Owned Forest Area in Sintang District and Ketapang District West Kalimantan Province Mandatory Email Subject

Jakarta Energy Advisor Sustainable Development Team C4l

Research Associate Policy and Impact Monitoring/

Senior Officer of Power Fossil Fuel Alternative Energy and Storage Ace


15 Jul 2021Deep Condolence of Bogorlabs Technical manager
18 Jul 2021Deep Condolence of Fisheries Department for Prof Linawati Hardjito PHD