Other Services

  1. HSE Regulation Updating and Compliance for Period of 2018-2021.  PEARLOIL (SEBUKU) LIMITED.  In progress.
    1. HSE Regulation Updating and Compliance.  PT PHE NSB NSO.  2020.
    2. Pinjam Pakai Kawasan Hutan untuk Tujuan Non-Kehutanan. PT Arutmin. 2013-2016.
    3. Permit Mapping, Task Management and Consultation.  TOTAL E&P INDONESIE.  2013.
    4. Permit Management System & Regulatory Compliance (PMSRC) – Update and Implementation Services.  TOTAL E&P INDONESIE.  2012.
    5. Ground Water Monitoring Well Construction at Senipah-Peciko Area.  TOTAL E&P INDONESIE.  2006.