Environmental Management Effort and Environmental Monitoring Effort [UKL/UPL]


Each Business and/or Activity, which is not included in EIA mandatory criteria as mentioned, should have UKL-UPL. UKL-UPL stands for environmental management effort and environmental monitoring effort, i.e. the management and monitoring towards Business and/or Activity. It does not have significant impact to the environment, which is required for a process of decision-making on the implementation of Business and/or Activity.

UKL-UPL is compiled by the Initiator on the planning phase of a Business and/or Activity, where the location of such Business and/or Activity should be appropriate with the spatial planning. The guideline for filling the Form of UKL-UPL refers to Regulation of State Minister of Environment Nol 16 of 2012 on the Guideline of Environmental Document Compilation, Appendix IV.

After UKL-UPL is compiled by the Initiator of a Business and/or Activity plan, then it is used as a basis of recommendation for Minister of Environment, Governor, or the Head of Regency/Mayor to approve or to reject UKL-UPL in accordance with their authorities.