Study and Facilitation of Corporate Social Responsibility

Study and Facilitation of CSR is a learning process established by EOS for the benefits of an operation [in this context is company’s operation]. Currently, there are many activities carried out by a company that turns out to be side by side with the existence of a certain community. Regardless of the company’s activities or certain operations, the existence of the local community is always an important part that must be considered.

In the process of continuous improvement, Social responsibility should always be considered strongly to balance corporate’s operation.

EOS has been developing some research studies related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Those research studies are to provide learning opportunities and advice so that CSR could be implemented in an appropriate way. EOS realizes that a certain business unit needs to consider social, environmental, and economic factors in its operation. It is necessary to balance the business’ goals with social, economic, and environmental considerations.

CSR is a social management process and is a tool for a business unit to participate proactively in a continuous improvement of building a stable social infrastructure. which is very much closely related to the principle of sustainability.

CSR is an inseparable part of a certain institutional program. CSR will have linkage to the process of socializing and interpreting the management unit’s program to maintain the continuity of the company’s business activities. In this case, it is necessary to build good relationships between local communities around the company area and the company itself.

CSR is closely related to business entities and social groups around the Management Unit’s environment and is affected by its activities.