Track Record / Experience

  1. Environmental Studies
  2. Environmental Baseline Assessment [EBA] & Environmental Status Study
  3. Environmental Management Effort and Environmental Monitoring Effort
  4. Environmental Monitoring RKL RPL Implementation UKL UPL Implementation and Dumping Permit Implementation
  5. Dumping Permit Service
  6. Environmental Management Monitoring Document DPPL DELH DPLH and Due Dilligence
  7. Environmental Social Impact Assessment Esia
  8. Study on Coral Reefs
  9. Environmental Sensitivity Study
  10. Economic Valuation
  11. Hydrodynamic Modeling and Bathymetry Study Including IPLC services
  12. Other Environmental Studies


  1. Social Mapping
  2. Stakeholder Identification and Conflict Potential Study Part of EIA Amdal Study
  3. Study and Facilitation of Corporate Social Responsibility Including Training Workshop


Laboratory Analysis

Other Services