Hydrodynamic Modelling

Hydrodynamic modeling is formulated to simulate the condition of water current (river, sea, lake) at the condition of specific time. In this case, the modeling can be simulated in the form of 2 dimensions as well as 3 dimensions. Since hydrodynamic is a factor of particle mover in the waters, the hydrodynamic modeling can be used in formulating several simulation related with some waste disposals that are occurred in the environment.

Several applications of hydrodynamic modeling, which can be perfomed, are as follows:

  1. Oil spill modeling in the waters.
  2. TSS/turbidity distribution modeling related with the dredging or mud disposal activities in the waters.
  3. Produced water distribution modeling that is derived from oil and gas activity.
  4. Chemical waste distribution modeling in the waters or other types of pollutant.