At the UN General Assembly, Jokowi Calls for Equal Access to Covid-19 Vaccines for All Countries

AKARTA, – President Joko Widodo asked for equal access to the Covid-19 vaccine for all countries in the world.

This was conveyed by Jokowi in his speech at the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations virtually, Wednesday (23/9/2020). “Vaccines will be a game-changer in the fight against the pandemic. We must work together to ensure that all countries have equal access to safe and affordable vaccines,” Jokowi said via the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel.

Read also: Jokowi Speech at the UN General Assembly, Asking Elimination of Rivalry in Handling Covid-19 Jokowi added, in principle, all countries must prioritize the spirit of multilateralism in working together to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, said Jokowi, this spirit should be put forward in all cooperation between countries at every opportunity and not only during the Covid-19 pandemic. He understands that in relations between countries and in international relations, every country always fights for its national interests.

Nevertheless, he asked every country not to forget its responsibility to contribute to be part of the solution for world peace, stability and prosperity. Also read: For the first time, Jokowi will give a speech at the UN General Assembly. For that, Jokowi said that the UN needs to strengthen collective leadership globally.

“The world needs a stronger spirit of collaboration and global leadership to create a better world,” said Jokowi. “And governance of world health resilience must be further strengthened, world health resilience based on national health resilience will determine the future of the world in terms of economic reactivation of economic activities should be carried out gradually,” continued the President.

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